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Malaysia Trademark Registration

A mark is a means for consumers to identify and distinguish goods or services

in the market. Malaysia trademark registration protects words and symbols used for branding. When a mark has a TM beside it than the mark is a trademark. And when a mark has a ® beside it than the mark is a registered mark. Registered trademark can be obtained and renewed for every ten years.

Trademark or brands can be valued as a property.

At BOON we give value added service to clients to choose the right brand by consulting on registrable trademark and registrable domain name. Type of terms that need to be considered when thinking of a brand:

1. Generic term; a name directly related to a product. eg Corn Flakes for corn flakes.
2. Composite term; a name associated with a product through continued use. eg Coca-Cola for cola drinks.
3. Fanciful term; a new coined name. eg. Kodak for cameras.
4. Arbitary term; a name in common use but not related to product. eg. Apple for computers.
5. Suggestive term; a name that suggest a product attribute. eg. Elephant for glues. (Elephant is a strong animal)
6. Descriptive term; a name that describes a product. eg. Delicious for foods.

The following video by UK IPO explores the importance of trademark.