Intellectual Property Rights: Patent vs Copyright vs Trademark

Malaysia Patent Applications

A Malaysia patent applications offers rights to inventor(s) for his/her invention which is a new product or process that solves a technical problem.

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Malaysia Copyright Protection

Original creative expression of author is protected by copyright. We offer expert advisory for Malaysia copyright protection.

Malaysia Trademark Registration

Malaysia trademark registration protects words and symbols used for branding for consumers to identify and distinguish goods or services

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What else we provide?

Industrial Design Protection

Original designs for article of manufacture are covered by industrial design. We offer expert advisory services for Malaysia industrial design protection.

Global IP Services

We have established relationships with a number of associates by attending events throughout the world to expand our global IP services

IP Valuation Malaysia

IP valuation is used as a basis for price negotiation in an IP deal. Hence, value is not equal to price. We are pioneers in IP valuation Malaysia

IP Licensing Negotiations

We facilitate IP licensing negotiations for mutual benefit. We also assists in determining fair value of royalty rate.

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Malaysia IPR Facts 2020

Population, mil
Patent applications, k
Trademark applications, k
Design applications, k

IP Around Us.

We can find intellectual property or IP in products around us. The following video by UK IPO provides an introduction on IP.

About us

Malaysia is abundant with natural resources, agriculture and manufacturing based industry. We are good at using technology. Does it occur that we can develop our own technology? Ideas are essential to move up the value chain.

The area of Malaysia intellectual property rights demands substantial knowledge and commitment to a client’s need. Boon IP rises to meet these challenges every day. How do we demonstrate this to our clients? We show it by:

  • Understanding the value of each idea;
  • Defining our clients rights;
  • Protecting those ideas.

Boon IP Enterprise is a technology consulting and intellectual property firm founded by Dennis Tan Boon Leng, a science-trained patent attorney. Top universities, research institutions and private companies have appointed Dennis to protect their new products and intellectual properties. His clients won numerous awards in invention competitions such as MTE, ITEX, HHIN and INPEX.