Proof Authorship Copyright

Are you worried that someone would steal your idea? Need to proof authorship copyright or trade secrets? (more…)

IP Management Audit

Organizations may be keeping IP without realizing its existence.


Intellectual Property Talk

We tailor intellectual property talk for individuals and organizations interested


Malaysia Patent Applications

An invention is a new product or process that solves a technical problem. BOON sets initiate steps  (more…)

Malaysia Copyright Protection

You have any idea related to an original creative expression?


Industrial Design Protection

You have any idea related to a new product (visual aspect)?

Original designs  (more…)

Malaysia Trademark Registration

A mark is a means for consumers to identify and distinguish goods or services


Malaysia Brand Consultant

It is a nightmare for business owners to invest in a product name  (more…)

Global IP Services

We provide IP services which cover a number of countries (more…)

IP Valuation Malaysia

Intangible asset can be associated with a value used as a basis for price negotiation. (more…)