IP Management Audit

Organizations may be keeping IP without realizing its existence.


Intellectual Property Talk

We tailor intellectual property talk for individuals and organizations interested


Malaysia Patent Applications

An invention is a new product or process that solves a technical problem. BOON sets initiate steps  (more…)

Malaysia Copyright Protection

You have any idea related to an original creative expression?


Industrial Design Protection

You have any idea related to a new product (visual aspect)?

Original designs  (more…)

Malaysia Trademark Registration

A mark is a means for consumers to identify and distinguish goods or services


Malaysia Brand Consultant

It is a nightmare for business owners to invest in a product name  (more…)

Global IP Services

We provide IP services which cover a number of countries (more…)

IP Valuation Malaysia

Intangible asset can be associated with a value used as a basis for price negotiation. (more…)

IP Licensing Negotiations

Mutual benefit arises from IP licensing. The intellectual asset (more…)