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You have any idea related to a new product or new technology (functional aspect)? It is new if it has: 

new physical feature;

new combination or arrangement of old feature; or

new use of an old feature.

A patent offers rights to inventor(s) for his invention for a period of 20 years from the date of filing. The patent framework is one of the best kept secrets of developed countries to prosper from invention. There is a continuous generation of creative products and process because there is a system to reward their idea.

Patents can be obtained for inventions by submitting a patent application to the national patent office. The application includes a detailed description and diagram of the invention and how it works. 

Who should be hired to prepare patent specification? Care should be taken in selection as most of the patent lawyers in Malaysia do not have the necessary technical background to prepare technical specification. We have the technical capabilities to prepare and prosecute patent applications.

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