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It is a nightmare for business owners to invest in a product name and find that the name can’t be used. Name consulting involves the linguistic art/science of creating product and company names. Naming involves finding suitable names for registerable trademark, company names and domain names to effectively position the product in the market.

There are three ways to use brands:

1. A single brand to identify all products from a company. Usually the brand shares a common name with the company name. 

2. A brand for a range of products. 

3. A brand for every product. 

A mark is a means for consumers to identify and distinguish goods or services in the market. Trademark protects words and symbols used for branding. When a mark has a TM beside it than the mark is a trademark. And when a mark has a ® beside it than the mark is a registered mark.

Trademark or brands can be valued as a property.

At BOON we give value added service to clients to choose the right brand by consulting on registrable trademark and registrable domain name.

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